In June 2002 Roman completed two years of college. Two more years would have given him a bachelor’s degree, but the price was much higher and we couldn’t afford it at that time, so Roman returned to Moscow. Together we were trying to figure out how to continue his studies. In the US Roman studied IT and there were many further options for him, but all of them were limited by our financial situation. The company that Victoria worked in took part in an international education exhibition in Moscow. She researched different options there and we chose Griffith College in Dublin. The program was similar to the American one and did accept courses that Roman had already passed so they were ready for him to continue his education there starting from the third year. In September Roman left to Ireland. He loved Dublin. He met many new friends; they showed him the local culture. He even managed to find a job there to help us pay for his tuition. He visited Moscow and Minsk in the summer. After graduating in 2005 Roman wanted to stay in Dublin, but we insisted for him to come back to Moscow.

This section has photos that Roman took in Ireland during his studies and also some shots from his summer holidays in Moscow and Belarus.