In the fall of 2013, Roman told us that he was planning to move to the USA to launch Stampsy there and develop it further. In November he left for New York. The year he spent there was very hard for him. He had to launch the project, look for investment, legalise his stay and do it all on his own. The separation from his team and friends was not easy for him either. We felt it during our Skype calls, even though he tried to hide it and looked cheerful telling us about his Moscow friends visiting New York. Stampsy was launched in the spring and he decided to move to San-Francisco, where his friends settled. He was there before and said it was a place where he wanted to live and work. During the summer of 2015 Roman started his O-1 visa application process by collecting recommendations and paperwork. We helped, so did his friends. In the beginning of November the visa was granted and Roman left to Moscow. Roman gave his last week to us, spending it at our house in Opushkino.

This section has photos by Roman’s friends, mainly from San Francisco.