During the first year in Moscow Roman lived in our flat. It was a difficult year for all of us. At some point we thought it was a mistake to insist on him coming back to Moscow. We decided to talk about it with Roman. After listening to our worries he replied that Moscow was a very interesting city and that each person should create their own environment. Of course, we were worried that Roman wasn’t looking for a job in his professional field, but back then we failed to recognize the opportunities that his profession would give. He started with his first projects and began renting a flat with friends, living an independent life. The first publications about his projects started arriving. We were happy and proud of his achievements and each time bough several copies of the magazines where he was mentioned. Victoria saved all those magazines which was useful when Roman later applied for his O-1 visa. When Roman was invited to work on a project to design a new Institute of architecture, media, and design Strelka, he was very happy. He was telling us about the project, the people involved and various events. We were invited to the opening of the institute and loved that he found a job that he liked and was surrounded by beautiful people. He travelled a lot and never missed an opportunity to visit a new city or country. It’s hard to count all the places he went to while working in Moscow. When Roman announced that he was leaving Strelka to start his new project Stampsy we were upset, but saw his enthusiasm and understood that he could not do otherwise. With time he managed to assemble a professional team and they created a modern product that worked. That year of him working on Stampsy was both difficult and beautiful. Roman grew a lot, even though we can’t say his views changed, some things he started taking differently.

This section has our family photos, but mainly it is photos that his friends have gathered. Some would see themselves and remember the time they have spent with Roman. We hope and believe that you will contribute many more photos.